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Can you tell if a diamond bracelet is real?

Diamond bracelets have long been associated with timeless beauty and grace, yet with so many impostor counterfeit diamonds flooding the market today, how can you tell if a diamond bracelet...

Diamond bracelets have long been associated with timeless beauty and grace, yet with so many impostor counterfeit diamonds flooding the market today, how can you tell if a diamond bracelet is real? 

Diamond Galleria can guide you through all that enthrals us about diamond authenticity and allurement! We pride ourselves on helping our clients see beyond counterfeits and fakes!

The Allure of Diamonds: A Cut Above the Rest

Diamonds reign supreme for good reason; their brilliance stems from an exceptional combination of physical properties. Here's what distinguishes diamonds:

Matchless Hardness: Diamonds rank 10 on the Mohs scale and thus make for one of the hardest natural substances found on earth - giving your bracelet exceptional durability during daily wear and tear.

Diamonds Are Light's Guardian: A diamond's internal structure allows it to capture light beautifully, creating the mesmerizing "fire" and brilliance covered in diamonds.

These characteristics make diamonds such a cherished stone; unfortunately, however, some simulants mimic these properties and present identification challenges.

Find the Truth: Methods to Recognize Real Diamonds

Though professional jeweller identification remains the best solution for definitive identification purposes, here are a few tests you can perform at home (though these methods should not be relied upon as 100% accurate):

The Sparkle Test: Real diamonds feature an iconic play of light. When testing your bracelet under good lighting conditions, look out for flashes of white, grey and occasional rainbow hues - including disco ball effects displaying pure rainbow colours that could indicate its authenticity or potentially indicate counterfeit diamonds.

The Fog Test: Diamonds conduct heat exceptionally efficiently. Gently blow onto a stone and observe any condensation formed, noting how real diamonds will quickly dissipate any fog while their imitation counterparts could take longer to clear away fogging up.

Important Notice: Please keep in mind that these tests cannot provide definitive answers; instead, for an exact diagnosis visit a professional jeweller.

Diamond Galleria: Your Trusted Partner in Diamond Expertise

At Diamond Galleria, we recognize the emotional attachment you feel towards your diamond jewellery and our team of gemologists possess the expertise and equipment to accurately appraise it for authenticity. Utilizing diamond testers and loupes we assess cut, clarity, colour and carat weight before providing our assessment report.

Beyond Authenticity: Caring for Your Diamond Bracelet

Maintaining even the shiniest diamond requires proper maintenance for maximum brilliance; here are a few suggestions for its care: 

Regular Cleaning: To gently cleanse away dust and debris without using harsh chemicals that could compromise its beauty. For optimal care of any diamond.

Safe Storage: Keep your bracelet away from scratches by placing it in a fabric-lined jewellery box, which should also help ensure optimal sparkle and repair any loose settings that arise over time. 

Professional Services: Professional cleaning and Repair Services should also be considered every few years for best results and optimal shine.

Diamond Galleria provides cleaning and repair services designed to maintain the beauty of your diamond and gold bracelet for generations. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques and equipment, we carefully clean, repair, and redesign gold/diamond bracelets so they remain timeless in beauty.

Final Thoughts: Embrace the Confidence of Authenticity

With an understanding of diamond identification methods and consulting professional expertise at Diamond Galleria, you can approach your diamond bracelet with renewed assurance. Our dedication to quality and customer service ensures you not only own an authentic masterpiece diamond bracelet but also have someone trustworthy on hand who will care for it throughout its lifespan. Visit us now and find its brilliance!


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