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How to tell if your jewelry is real diamond?

Diamonds have long held our hearts spellbound, their brilliant beauty making a powerful symbol of love, commitment, and luxury. Here at the Diamond Galleria, we understand their charm; everyone wants...

Diamonds have long held our hearts spellbound, their brilliant beauty making a powerful symbol of love, commitment, and luxury. Here at the Diamond Galleria, we understand their charm; everyone wants their very own piece of genuine brilliance but How to tell if your jewelry is real diamond? With so many choices out there it can be tricky to identify genuine pieces among fake ones! At Diamond Galleria, you can be certain your piece of dazzling brilliance will meet these standards of quality!

Fear no more - we're here to demystify diamond jewelry for you! With this guide's assistance, we hope that we have given you enough knowledge to assess diamonds with complete trust so that when investing, only real sparkle remains.

The Scientific Properties of Real Diamonds

Diamonds are formed under immense pressure and heat deep within Earth's mantle, giving them unique physical and optical characteristics that distinguish them from replicants. Here is a closer look:

1. Hardness

Diamonds are one of the hardest naturally occurring substances on Earth and possess exceptional scratch resistance properties, providing superior scratch protection and long-lasting wear resistance. You can perform a simple test by gently rubbing a diamond against a ceramic plate (this test should not be conducted with valuable pieces such as an heirloom). A genuine diamond won't scratch while other materials like cubic zirconia may do; professional testing for valuable pieces should always be sought beforehand.

2. Light Performance

A diamond is the master of light play. Hold up your stone against a light source and observe its brilliance; genuine stones exhibit flashes of rainbow colors due to their exceptional light refraction properties, creating flashes known as fire or "fireworks". Additionally, look out for shadow play within each facet rather than only surface shine!

3. Thermal Conductivity 

Diamonds are excellent heat conductors, making them useful as basic tests but use this property with caution to avoid damaging jewelry. Briefly hold your stone between two fingers and breathe lightly on it - real diamonds should dissipate heat quickly with an almost instant cooling sensation, but keep in mind this test cannot provide definitive answers as some simulants could also mimic similar behavior.

Move Beyond the Basics for Diamond Authentication

While these methods provide a good starting point, for a more in-depth assessment, consider these techniques:

Loupe’s Eye

Jewelers employ loupes - small magnifying glasses used by jewelers - in evaluating diamond clarity. They seek out inclusions, which are unique birthmarks present only within each diamond, though their presence should not necessarily raise concerns - but an experienced jeweler should assess size, location, and nature to establish authenticity and ensure safe investment decisions are made.

The Fog Test 

This simple experiment involves breathing on a stone and monitoring how long its condensation dissipates; with the diamond's high thermal conductivity quickly clearing away fog while simulants could take more time; However, this test shouldn't be taken as definitive evidence, since other simulants might mimic its behavior as well.

Diamond Tester

This electronic device measures the thermal conductivity of stones. Although convenient, such testers may not always provide reliable results when used against more sophisticated diamond simulants; consulting a gemologist who utilizes sophisticated equipment may offer more security in this respect.

Diamond Galleria: Seeking Expertise in Gemological Matters

At Diamond Galleria, we understand the significance of authenticity and peace of mind are equally as vital. That's why our expert gemologists provide comprehensive diamond grading and authentication services; whether it be regarding an inherited diamond from a family or looking into purchasing one for yourself; our gemologists provide detailed reports outlining each stone's cut, clarity, color, and carat weight along with proof that its authenticity. This service ensures you purchase genuine diamonds and luxury watches at maximum value while continuing their legacy of brilliance. 

By purchasing from Diamond Galleria, you're becoming part of our legacy. Our complimentary cleaning and inspection services help your jewelry keep its sparkle for generations. In addition, our team of experts is always on hand to guide the selection process so you find an elegant piece to complement both your individuality and life's greatest milestones.

Be Beyond Authentic: The Diamond Galleria Experience

Owning a real diamond is an investment worthy of consideration and at Diamond Galleria, we understand this fully. With a selection of timeless diamond rings for women as well as statement earrings that draw the eye. Our commitment to ethical sourcing ensures your stone shines both on your finger and as part of a responsible supply chain.

Visit any Diamond Galleria showroom or browse online now, and let us bring out your inner sparkle! Let us guide your path toward owning an authentic diamond, an irreplaceable precious stone with brilliance, luxury, and long-term value that you're certain to treasure forever!


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