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What is the difference between synthetic and natural diamonds?

Diamonds have long enchanted people with their exquisite beauty and timeless appeal, but now that synthetic diamonds have become widely available many people are asking what distinguishes them from natural...

Diamonds have long enchanted people with their exquisite beauty and timeless appeal, but now that synthetic diamonds have become widely available many people are asking what distinguishes them from natural ones. This blog post by DIAMOND GALLERIA will discuss this question deeply, “What is the difference between synthetic and natural diamonds?”

The Essence of Diamonds: Finding the Common Ground

Before venturing deeper, let us establish some foundational understanding. Both natural and synthetic diamonds share one fundamental property - both are composed of pure carbon crystallized under extreme pressure and heat, giving them their extraordinary hardness, brilliance, and light-diffusing abilities. Still, their respective paths to existence vary significantly.

The Enigmatic Charm of Natural Diamonds: Across Time

Natural diamonds form deep within Earth's mantle and undergo long years of geological processes characterized by immense pressure and temperature changes, giving rise to distinct imperfections known as inclusions (which resemble minute wispy features in their crystal lattice), thus conferring each natural diamond an unparalleled individualism and history-laden tale that spans back thousands of years. 

At DIAMOND GALLERIA, we share an inexpressible adoration for these natural wonders. At our gallery, we carefully source diamonds from ethical and sustainable sources while adhering to stringent standards! Check out our collection of Luxury Watches!

Synthetic Diamonds as a Contemporary Endeavor

Lab-grown diamonds are created by applying pressure and heat to pure carbon in an attempt to mimic nature, replicating its process for making diamonds. As such, lab-grown diamonds possess nearly the same physical and chemical characteristics as natural diamonds, representing one of the greatest scientific feats ever attempted! Indeed, their creation marks one of the greatest scientific marvels ever undertaken!

DIAMOND GALLERIA recognizes the rising interest in lab-grown diamonds, so its offerings include an expertly chosen selection. Each lab-grown gem meets all the same exacting quality standards set for our natural collection; thus reaffirming our promise to deliver unparalleled experiences for clients seeking exquisite selections. Check out our statement earrings!

Comparing Natural vs. Synthetic Diamonds: Looking Beyond Brilliance

While natural and synthetic gems share many fundamental attributes, subtle distinctions distinguish them. These may include their price tags, quality control issues, environmental footprint, etc.

Origin: Natural diamonds form organically within the Earth while synthetic ones are created synthetically in laboratory environments.

Growth Time: Natural diamonds require millions, even billions, of years for formation while synthetic ones can be manufactured within weeks or months.

Inclusions: Natural diamonds often exhibit unique inclusions, while synthetic options typically exhibit flawless surfaces. 

Price: Due to their rarity and long production process, natural diamonds tend to command higher prices compared with their synthetic equivalents.

Selecting Your Gemstone: An Individual Journey 

Selecting either natural or synthetic diamonds ultimately comes down to personal choice based on budget, ethical considerations, and narrative considerations. If you are intrigued by Earth's History & Gemstones, visit DIAMOND GALLERIA and browse our range of natural diamonds that date back millions of years - sure to become timeless heirlooms in years to come.

If you are in search of stunning brilliance paired with ethical sourcing and competitive pricing, browse our handpicked collection of lab-grown diamond rings for women; these gems possess spectacular sparkle while adhering to the same exacting quality standards as natural diamond selection.

Answering Common Diamond Queries: An In-depth Overview 

1. Are synthetic diamonds considered "fake" diamonds?

Certainly not! Both natural and synthetic diamonds share comparable chemical compositions and physical traits, unequivocally qualifying them as genuine gems. Their origins and formation processes set these gems apart.

2. Do synthetic diamonds offer lesser value when compared with natural ones?

Valuing diamonds remains subjective, depending on multiple variables like carat weight, cut quality, clarity level, and color intensity. Natural diamonds tend to command higher prices due to scarcity factors or unique inclusions while synthetic ones offer great value at more cost-efficient price points.

3. Are synthetic diamonds ethically sourced? 

Ethical procurement of natural and synthetic diamonds is of utmost importance at DIAMOND GALLERIA; our procedures follow stringent ethics and sustainability standards across both diamond types. By doing so, we guarantee responsible sourcing practices and provide our customers with peace of mind.

4. Can I Find Both Natural and Synthetic Diamonds at DIAMOND GALLERIA? 

Absolutely. Our handpicked selection includes natural and synthetic diamonds crafted to uphold the highest quality standards while maintaining ethical principles in their respective categories.

Final Thoughts

No matter whether your preference lies with natural or synthetic diamonds, DIAMOND GALLERIA stands by you to navigate luxury jewelry purchases with unparalleled expertise and elegance.  Keep this in mind: Both natural and synthetic diamonds offer captivating brilliance and timeless grace, so choose one that speaks to you and adds significance to your individual story!


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