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What type of ring is expensive?

At Diamond Galleria, we recognize the captivating allure that a ring exudes. Be it as an act of affection, an expression of individuality or simply a smart investment strategy - often...

At Diamond Galleria, we recognize the captivating allure that a ring exudes. Be it as an act of affection, an expression of individuality or simply a smart investment strategy - often it prompts questions as to its price; “What type of ring is expensive?” attributable to what factors; however the answer lies within a harmonious blend of elements giving each their special value to create one priceless piece.

Gemstone: An Eye-Catching Focal Point

At the core of most high-end rings lies a gemstone, with diamonds reigning supreme as they often serve as centrepieces. Not all diamonds are created equal and several factors will determine their value:

The 4Cs

Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight form the basis of diamond quality. An accurately cut diamond maximizes its brilliance, clarity indicates no imperfections while D Color represents colourlessness - a highly sought-after quality in diamonds - is highly prized; finally, carat weight determines size. Our experts at Diamond Galleria can guide you through all four Cs to help find you your dream stone within budget!

Rarity Beyond Colorless 

While D Color diamonds remain timeless classics, fancy coloured ones, such as vibrant blue or fiery red shades are rare and thus command higher prices. Visit our exquisite collection of women's diamond rings to find these vibrant hues for yourself.

Beyond Diamonds

Although diamonds dominate, other precious gems hold great worth as well. Emeralds with their vivid green tones symbolize growth and fresh starts while sapphires exude elegance and sophistication, and rubies possess fiery brilliance with rich historical significance. At Diamond Galleria, we carry an assortment of diamond rings for women, so you're sure to find something that fits your style and taste!

The Setting: A Stage for Brilliance

Setting is both aesthetic and economic consideration when purchasing rings, so here is what to remember when considering settings:


Platinum, prized for its strength and resilience, often features luxurious rings to enhance diamond brilliance perfectly. However, 18k gold rings also exude luxuriousness at more cost-effective options and may provide greater aesthetic value than platinum options.

Artistic Elegance

Exquisite designs and masterful craftsmanship enhance any ring's value, especially those featuring intricate details such as pave settings with petite diamonds or micro-prong settings that accentuate its centre stone's beauty. At Diamond Galleria, our skilled artisans boast generations of expertise in crafting exquisite settings which increase the overall charm of our rings.

Legacy, Provenance and Brand Heritage 

Apart from their material worth, some rings carry an intangible value that transcends mere material worth. The antiques of royalty and celebrities that are auctioned can go for fortunes, just as the rings made by well-known jewellers with a long history of excellence, attract higher premium prices at auctions.

Diamond Galleria is known in the fine jewellery market for our commitment to ethically mined gemstones and a high level of customer satisfaction. When you buy from us, not only do you get something of immense quality but you contribute to a heritage whose lives continue up to this day!

Your Ring's True Value: Finding The Perfect Fit

Value in rings can only truly be understood from within; although market factors play a part, their true worth lies within our emotions and associations that they can elicit. At Diamond Galleria, we recognize each ring has a special story; allow our experts to lead you through our carefully curated collection of women's diamond rings created to evoke emotions commemorate significant milestones or become treasured family heirlooms! 

Visit us now and let our experts take you down this road of self-discovery that leads you right to finding one's true worth! 



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