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Do real diamonds glow?

Diamonds have captivating brilliance, radiant fire, and undeniable allure—and their allure remains undiminished within us! Yet, have you ever considered: Do real diamonds glow? At Diamond Galleria, we greatly enjoy...

Diamonds have captivating brilliance, radiant fire, and undeniable allure—and their allure remains undiminished within us! Yet, have you ever considered: Do real diamonds glow? At Diamond Galleria, we greatly enjoy discussing diamonds' subtle complexities and characteristics. While a diamond may not radiate as firefly lights do, fluorescence exists, and certain diamonds emit an elegant light under certain conditions.

What Does Diamond Fluorescence Entail?

Fluorescence is the emission of visible light by materials when exposed to ultraviolet light sources - for instance, diamonds. Once exposed, these diamonds absorb UV rays before emitting their energy as blue-hued light when removed from their source, creating the fluorescent effect. Please be aware that fluorescent diamonds do not always glow—specific sources must activate their effects to work as intended.

How Common Is Fluorescence in Diamonds?

Note that not all diamonds display fluorescence; approximately 25%—35% only do when exposed to longwave UV lighting, which is common in sunlight, while over 95% emit blue hues as their hue of fluorescence.

Can Diamond Fluorescence Be Detected Without Excluding Professional Testing?

Fluorescence levels vary significantly among diamonds. Although most diamonds will remain invisible to the naked eye, those exhibiting strong fluorescence might show subtle cloudiness that becomes visible under normal lighting conditions.

Does Fluorescence Affect Diamond Beauty and Value?

Fluorescence's influence on diamond's aesthetic appeal and value varies significantly; its influence can range anywhere from negligible to profound;

  • Faint or Medium Fluorescence: While often dismissed as insignificant, faint to medium fluorescence can increase a diamond's brilliance by neutralizing any yellow tint and producing an overall whiter appearance.
  • Strong or Very Strong Fluorescence: While strong fluorescence may create an off-color look that detracts from diamond brilliance and value, certain fancy colored diamonds like yellows or browns could benefit from strong blue fluorescence to increase color saturation and boost brilliance.

Fluorescence's significance ultimately depends on both the individual diamond and observer preferences. However, at Diamond Galleria, our gemological experts meticulously assess every diamond's fluorescence, transparently documenting it within our diamond grading reports and providing insights into how fluorescence might alter its appearance or value. Our reports enable you to make an informed choice when purchasing diamonds from us.

How to Observe Fluorescence on Diamonds

Under regular lighting conditions, diamond fluorescence may go undetected; however, certain jewelers possess tools emitting longwave UV light that allows you to witness it up close and personally. Keep in mind, however, that fluorescence seen under controlled settings might differ significantly from its appearance under natural sunlight.

How Important It Is to Find Reputable Jewelers

Fluorescence should only be one consideration when purchasing a diamond, and at Diamond Galleria, we take great pride in providing our clients with an array of beautiful gems, ranging from timeless diamond rings for women to eye-catching statement earrings. At Diamond Galleria, every stone we offer undergoes careful analysis by one of our expert gemologists; their inspection includes consideration for cut, clarity, color carat weight, and fluorescence evaluation as part of their assessment process. 

Transparency is of the utmost importance when selecting a diamond that suits you perfectly. Diamond Galleria is a trusted jeweler committed to quality and education. Their experts can help you choose a diamond that fits your style and budget and advise you on fluorescence concerns. Understanding fluorescence can add an extra level of intrigue to your diamond selection, resulting in a gem that radiates brilliance for generations.

Bottom Line

At Diamond Galleria, you have everything covered—classic women's rings, luxury watches, and extravagant statement earrings—to find the ideal stone that speaks volumes! Our experts carefully inspect every diamond to make your selection process seamless yet convenient!

Check out our exquisite selection of women's diamond rings, luxury watches, and statement earrings at Diamond Galleria today, or let our experts help you select your ideal gemstone!


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