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How to tell if a diamond is real?

At Diamond Galleria, we understand the value of having certainty concerning jewelry purchases. From indulgent earrings or surprise engagement gifts for loved ones with stunning diamond rings - assuring yourself...

At Diamond Galleria, we understand the value of having certainty concerning jewelry purchases. From indulgent earrings or surprise engagement gifts for loved ones with stunning diamond rings - assuring yourself of the authenticity of gemstone pieces has become more critical as imitation pieces continue to surface and counterfeit pieces continue to increase. But How to tell if a diamond is real?

We provide straightforward yet trustworthy methods for assuring the genuineness of a diamond and equipping you with the knowledge to make informed choices!

Brilliance Blueprint: Light and Refraction

Diamond brilliance serves as an indicator of its authenticity. Genuine stones possess exceptional light-refracting properties that allow light to disperse into various colors as it travels along their surface - this gives rise to their signature "fire" and sparkle!

As part of your DIY diamond examination process, place it face up under direct illumination and observe how light interacts with it. If a vivid array of colors whirl within its depths is apparent in a genuine gem; otherwise a counterfeit diamond may show sole reflection or lackluster appearances instead.

  • Going Beyond DIY: Though light tests offer a preliminary evaluation, jeweler's loupes with magnification capabilities up to 10x can offer more thorough assessments for inclusions - small imperfections commonly present in natural diamonds that affect clarity - although exceptional high-grade diamonds might even be flawless.

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Density and the Water Drop Test

Diamonds stand out as among the densest materials on Earth, contributing significantly to their weight. Due to this density, genuine diamonds tend to feel heavier for their size compared with imitation diamonds like cubic zirconia.

  • Your DIY Experiment: For best results when testing loose diamonds at home, this method works best when filling a glass with clean water and dropping in one. If it quickly sinks to the bottom, chances are high it is real due to its high density; conversely, a counterfeit diamond could either float slowly or sink quickly over time.

Note of Care: While water tests serve as an initial screening device, they're far from infallible - some simulants could easily replicate a diamond's density by mimicking its density with artificial materials.

Imperfections Are Beautiful

Naturally occurring diamonds are rarely perfect. Most have microscopic inclusions or flaws such as internal features or slight color variances which help verify the authenticity of each gem. These flaws, though sometimes subtle, should never be overlooked and must be thoroughly scrutinized to be authenticated as real.

  • Your DIY Inspection: Carefully examine your diamond using a jeweler's loupe to detect any noticeable marks or haziness, noting any obvious flaws such as fingerprints. A perfectly flawless diamond may raise concerns, however, this test shouldn't be seen as definitive as some simulants can include imperfections to appear more authentic.

Looking Beyond Tests: Purchasing with Confidence

While these techniques provide valuable information about diamond authenticity, it's best to purchase from an established jeweler like Diamond Galleria for the highest assurance possible. Here we meticulously source our diamonds ethically while adhering to stringent quality standards; furthermore, our team of expert gemologists closely inspect each gem to guarantee you receive one with years of brilliance!

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